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Whether already in business, looking to go into business or not sure at all, Equip Business Group can provide you with clarity for your entrepreneurship purpose and mission while equipping existing businesses with tools to go to that next level. It is a community of small business owners, those in the marketplace and anyone looking to foray into business one way or another. Through mentorships, business events, resourcing, exposure and regular networking , individuals and member businesses are equipped with tools to thrive and enabled to fulfil that higher entrepreneurial calling and purpose for the greater good.

What We Do

Are you a business owner? Our business group is committed to supporting you and your business through networking, resourcing, mentoring, and promotion to see you go to the next level.

How to become a Member

Are you looking for a particular service? Through our business group we have access to a number of businesses all committed to integrity and to providing you the very best service at every step.

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Guided by Integrity

In today's business world, it is so easy to compromise in order to profit or get ahead. The businesses that are a part of our group are committed to not compromising on their integrity.


Equipped for Success

Through mentorships, business events, resourcing, exposure and regular networking , individuals and member businesses are equipped with tools to thrive

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With the aim of bringing people together in establishing capabilities to advocate effective ideas, strategies and expertise to improve personal and business growth the business networking group is a non-industry exclusive; everyone is welcome. Members are free to invite anyone they think may be interested in the group. The group is open to all businesses who share our above core values & vision.

Building relationships and growth within the context of business and networking with other like-minded people in business and entrepreneurs


Partnering with other business minded people to build dream businesses – one that delivers profitability while reaching out and giving back

Exclusive Events

Regular networking meetings and events to achieve our goals of relationship building, communication and influence amongst businesses and management types.


All members ascribe to and abdie by the guiding principles and core vision and values of integrity, excellence, and commitment to people and community.

Business Growth

Through collaboration, promotion, and connection, we facilitate business for our members and in turn encouraging growth of their business.

Community Impact

We are committed to using our talents and treasures to make a difference in the lives of the less privileged.


Equip Business Group

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